about us

research entertainment   is a Spanish company that was founded in 2003, with the aim of searching and editing old films and TV movies.


Since that day until 2008, Research Entertainment, worked exclusively for SUEVIA FILMS, obtaining the rights from large American and European productions obtaining the DVD format. In 2008 we also provided titles for the companies Karma Films, Avalon, LLamentol, Crest Films, Nacadih Video and even recently distributed part of our rights with SONY PICTURES Spain.


CYRANO DE BERGERAC, CADENA PERPETUA, EL HUSAR EN EL TEJADO are some examples of this vast title film archive, as well as an unlimited number of westerns and a lot of Spanish films like  EL BOSQUE ANIMADO, TRUHANES, etc.


Through Avalon, Research Entertainment has collaborated increasing the acclaimed FNAC film library with titles such as Mr. ARKADIN o QUEMADO POR EL SOL.


The essential collection of El Corte Inglés, has over 100 references.


Research is also pioneer in child production field, with songs and games for kids with the title SING & DANCE y LITTLE ENGLISH, productions that has exported to other countries with remarkable success.